A New Career – Professional Truck Driver – OTR

As my children are reaching the point of leaving the nest, I have to wonder what I am to do with my life once they are gone.  I may not have been the world’s best Dad but I have tried my best to be the best Dad I can be.  Most of what I do now is revolved around my kids, including the job I now have.  My current job gives me the flexibility to be available whenever my kids need me.  Whenever my kids need me to take them to Doctor Appointment, stay home with them when they are sick, help them with homework, learning to drive, vacations, etc, My job allows me the opportunity to be there for my kids.

But now comes the time when my kids spread their wings and fly off to do their own thing. What am I to do with myself?  Should I stay in this backwoods country town or should I venture off on my own as well?

I grew up in the military always moving from place to place. I love to be on the open road traveling.  I’ve wondered how I can incorporate this love into a way to earn income?  I tried working for Uber and Lyft in the rideshare industry but the income is far to low for me to profit when driving my 2014 Chevy Silverado High Country. I do love the open road, I don’t mind hauling a trailer, and I don’t mind a 12 hour day, but how to do this and make a profit.

Then it hits me like a ton of bricks.  Professional Truck Diver!!!

I’ve always been fascinated with Semi Trucks.  The open road. Long Hauls.  Off on your own. Be your own boss.  Just the driver, the truck, and the road.  Traveling in all sorts of weather to deliver all sorts of freight.

I do believe it’s time for a career change.  Time to start researching how to get started in the Truck Driving Profession.

My home will be empty of kids in August of 2019, so I can start the new career then.  That means I have quite a few months to do some research and it gives me time to verify the research so I can best make an informed decision on where to start.

Starting Goals:

  1. Find a Company that does CDL-A training.
  2. Find a Company that will start pay as close to $0.50/mile as possible.
  3. Find a Company that will keep me on the road and moving for up to 2 months at a time thereafter allowing a one-week downtime.
  4. Find a Company that will allow me to take both my dogs with me on the road.

Now the researching adventure begins!

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