Crookston, MN to Twin Falls, ID

April 02, 2020 to April 04, 2020

April 01, 2020

This assignment technically doesn’t start until April 02, but an oversight on my part made it start on April 01, 2020.

I was rushed out of the last delivery place I was at once my trailer was empty. I had sent in the “depart receiver” message that we’re suppose to do when we are done being unloaded. The new assignment came in a minute later. All I really paid attention to was that I was to pick up the new load between 0700 and 1600.

So I left the dock, found a place to park for a minute or so to put the new destination information into the GPS systems and rock n roll on outta there!

Seriously, I hope to never go back there ever again!

About an hour into driving, I found a truck stop that I could stop at and walk to dogs, clean out the trailer, etc.

The place is called Win-E-Mart. Nice place with lots of room to maneuver a semi truck.

I walked the dogs and cleaned out the trailer. I made sure to not leave a mess. This place was clean and I’d like to help keep it that way. I picked up all the trash from out of the trailer and threw it in the nearest trash can.

I was hungry so I went into their store and found they had fresh made pizzas, so I bought a white chicken pizza. I know it was fresh made because I went by the restaurant area to go to the bathrooms and they didn’t have a thing out then. 10 minutes later, Walla! Pizzas ready and waiting to be bought!

So I bought one.

Around 3:30pm I arrived at the pickup. I am feeling quite proud of myself for getting there with time to spare.

I check in and realize the pick up is for THE NEXT DAY FROM 0700 to 1600!

Ah Crap!

But this place wasn’t rude about it or anything. I asked if there was a place I could park my truck close by and camp out for the night and they said no need, we’ll load you up now, no problem…. that is if your trailer is clean.

They had me open my trailer doors and back into a dock. They inspected my trailer and gave me the approval that it was clean enough to get loaded!

The building to get loaded was about 7 blocks down the road. One of the workers who was going to load the trailer told me to follow him and when we get there dock in door 3.

Door 3 was set at an angle and if I had docked with the truck straight out from the door, (like I usually do) my truck would’ve sunk in a huge mud hole. I’m not really wanting to get stuck today.

After a few unsuccessful dock attempts we (the warehouse guys and I) decided to have me dock at door 1 and the guys would load me there.

Door 1 had no mud holes to get stuck in and was a straight backin docking.

15 minutes after docking, the warehouse guys had me loaded. Next was to go back down the road to the scale and scale out, then get my paperwork and be on my way.

I made it almost 300 miles before I stopped for the night. I found a Flying J truck stop with parking available and stopped there for the night. I didn’t realize how cold it was getting, and by golly it was getting cold!

It was definitely cold tonight!
April 02, 2020

This morning was no picnic either. Both Sampson and Goliath went out to potty. It was the quickest I’ve ever seen them do their thing. It was like, pee, done, back at the trucks door.

Goliath hiding from the wind and snow
April 03, 2020

Today was definitely a laid back easy day. Drove through Yellowstone National Park. Stopped for fuel and a shower. Then stopped for the night 8.3 miles from the delivery.

Driving Through Yellowstone National Park
My trucks fuel tanks hold 175 gallons. I was definitely driving on fumes!
April 04, 2020

Woke up at 8:30am this morning. Had the alarm set for 9:30am. I took the dogs out and then I had breakfast. afterwards I went into the truck stop to check it out. It’s a pretty nice place. Even has a waterfalls inside it.

11:00am rolls around and I wash the windshield and mirrors and windows. I perform a pretrip inspection on the truck. Now we have an hour to drive 8.3 miles to the delivery. I always try to be approximately an hour early.

12:06pm – they have me docked in door 3. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for them to finish unloading me.

Cliff Bar in Twin Falls, Idaho

12:50pm – twenty minutes after the original appointment time, I am completely unloaded, trailer cleaned, paperwork sent in and now I await my next assignment.

While I wait, I’m going to take the pups for a walk down at the Hansen Bridge. Check out what we saw here.

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