Forest, MS to Coppell, TX

April 18, 2020 to April 21, 2020

I am literally parked in the road. It’s where I spent the night.

Yup, that’s right! First time for me parking in the road for a 10 hour break.

Took a 10 hour break at the end of a dead end street road
10 hour break at the end of a dead end road

2:15pm – I called the pick up location to find out the status on the load I’m suppose to pick up. They said it’s still being worked on.

The pick up time is between 6pm and 11:59pm tonight. I have a four hour drive to get to the pick up location. Add that to about 30mins for a trailer wash and the load SHOULD be done and ready by the time I get there.

8:05pm – arrived at the pickup location. Security told me where to go to drop the empty trailer. After trailer is dropped I’m to call a phone number to check in with shipping. I called. The load is still not ready. This particular shipper is NOTORIOUS for not having the loads ready until the very last minute. In today’s case, they have till 11:59pm. So here I wait.

April 19, 2020

9:23am – got a call from shopping that my load is FINALLY ready!

Easy Breezy ride to the 1st delivery.

Easy Breezy ride to final delivery.

There are two rejected pieces. Claims department says dispose of it.

Waiting on new assignment

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