If you see this on the Seas, Avoid It!

There are numerous hazards when on the ocean.  One, that is not talked about much, or at all is called “Square Waves” or “Cross Seas”.


This natural phenomenon is also referred to as “cross seas” or “cross waves” and while it may be beautiful to watch, it can be very dangerous for you if you are in the path of them.  Whether you are boating, surfing, or swimming, these waves can be deadly.


Waves like this occur when waves from one weather system continue in a specific direction even though the weather system changes directions and forms new waves in a different direction.  This will create the appearance of squares on the water.  These are a common site off the west coast of an island called Ile De Re.



It’s not necessarily the waves that cause the most danger to boaters or swimmers, but the currents beneath the surface which have been reported to be able to throw anything up in the air, including such things as large as ships.  Experts do warn people to stay away from areas where “Cross Seas” are active.  Some experts also believe that some ships have capsized as a result of these “Cross Seas” so it is something to definitely take seriously.


Water, especially the ocean, is the most powerful natural force on Earth.  It is something to be cautious of at all times when you are around this most powerful force, even more so with “Cross Seas”.

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