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Safe - Clean - Flexible - Dependable

         Call my cell to contact me directly or to schedule a pickup!          8146887817

Hi, my name is Trevor Snook and I’d like to be Your Private Driver.  

The Vehicle I Drive is a 2014 Chevy Silverado (High County), which has spacious room, leather seats, USB Charge ports, and can fit up to 4 passengers!

Request a ride from the Uber or Lyft app on your phone and ride in style. My vehicle also has ample storage in the enclosed truck bed for whatever you need to bring with you.


Being in a safe environment is important to all of us. You will always feel safe riding with me as I have been accident free for almost 20 years. I am also fully insured and have AAA so if anything ever happens (which isn't likely) you can feel assured that all is taken care of.


We all value a clean environment. With this in mind, I clean my vehicle daily and it is fully detailed at least once a month. It has a "Like New" appearance and feel to it. I take pride in my vehicles upkeep, and strive to ensure you have the cleanest (and most comfortable) ride possible.


My Schedule is usually jam-packed, but my schedule is also flexible. This means even if I'm not "Online" you can email me to see if a specific time can be arrange for a ride. I also LOVE pets and welcome them on your ride, so if you need to go to the vet or if you have a service animal, I would love for your pet to ride along!


Dependablity is key in today's crazy world. This is why I value being dependable for my clients. You will find no one can match me in Dependability! If I'm not online, send me a email from my Contact Page and inquire as to if the time and date you need can be arranged.

You can Depend on Me to be Here for You!

What People are saying about Uber and Lyft Services with Trevor Snook...

Lots of room to enjoy your ride in!
Far more reliable than a taxi service.
The vehicle is ALWAYS clean!
Trevor goes the extra mile!
High Class ride on a small budget!

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Copyright [oceanwp_date] – Trevor Snook

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