University Park, IL to Wintersville, OH

April 11, 2020 to April 12, 2020

April 10, 2020

11:41am – my new assignment comes in. A small jump from point to point. 436 total miles, 26 empty, 410 loaded.

An easy run.

I don’t pick up this next load until tomorrow, the 11th at 8:00am. So I have plenty of time to get a washout and get staged close to the pick up location.

I was going to get the trailer washed out at the same place I did last time, TAC, but when I arrived at noon, they said they just clocked out and closed for the day due to the holiday.

Well, this sucks!

I called every washout that is “in network” from here in Joliet, IL to where I need to pick up in University Park, IL. The only one open was the Blue Beacon that’s located 3 miles from the pick up location.

Ok, lemons just got turned into lemonade!

Next to the Blue Beacon is a Petro truck stop that has close to 200 parking spots.

The lemonade just got sweeter!

Showing up to park at around 2pm means there should be ample parking open and available!

I get to the blue beacon at around 12:30pm. This washout took an hour and fifteen minutes to get washed out. About an hour waiting in line and about fifteen minutes to get washed out.

Crazy! I know!

But after I was washout out I drove across the street to the Petro truck stop to find a spot to park.

Ok, now I’m confused! The app said this place has almost 200 parking spots, but I see only maybe 100 and of those 100, 99% of them are reserved parking that you have to pay for.

Well this sucks!

I get parked in a reserved spot and look at the map on the app a bit more closely. I have this feeling that somethings not right. If this place has upwards of 200 parking spots, then where’s the other hundred or so?

Then I see what’s what!

Petro Parking across the street

The other “missing” parking spots are located in an “overflow” area located across from the main lot!

I’ve never come across a place that has overflow parking across the street from its main lot. This place does. The majority of the free parking is in this overflow lot across the street.

The area circled in red is all paid/reserved parking. The area circled in blue is free parking. The little blue circle 🔵 in the image above is where I’m parked for the night, in the free overflow parking lot.

10:43pm – I’m all snuggled in my bed. I have both pups snuggled up to me. Just as we got settled, the phone rings. I’m thinking to myself “who’s calling me at almost 11pm?!”

It was dispatch.

Come to find out, the place I’m suppose to be picking up from is closed tomorrow. Dispatch wanted to know if I could run in and pick up tonight since I have time on my clock. And since the shipper is closed tomorrow.

I said sure, no problem. I’m like 4 miles from them anyways so it’s no big deal.

11:07pm – arrived at the shipper. I got checked in with security. Security told me where to go to to check in with shipping department.

Shipping office was all the way on the other side of the building.

First green pin is entrance, second green pin is security and 🔴 is where I docked which is right next to shipping/receiving office.

I get checked in with shipping and a hour an a half later they have me loaded. Just waiting on the phone call from the shipping department to go in and pick up my paperwork.

April 11, 2020

1:13am – loaded, got paperwork, depart sent and rolling!

2:20am parked at rest stop I-80 21 miles into Indiana from Illinois.

1:20pm – stopped at the last travel place in Indiana before we cross into Ohio. It’s been nice and quiet with few vehicles on the road so far today.

Now to eat some lunch (and possible dinner) . Roasted chicken and vegetable soup. This’ll be the first time trying this out.

Roasted Chicken and Vegetable Soup for Lunch

7:30pm – stopped for the night. I’m just over an hour from the delivery destination and there’s not much in the way of parking the closer I get so the TA here in Youngstown, OH will be where we stay the night.

It’s also 15 minutes from the Pennsylvania border. So close to home.

The orange line shows the border between Ohio and Pennsylvania
April 12, 2020

Got the load delivered on time. Now onto next assignment

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